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Welcome to GoodTargets.com!

Free, printable targets for air rifles and small bore firearms!

Most of the targets here are geared for air rifles and pistols at between 10 and 30 yards. However, most are very suitable for small bore rifles and pistols.

All Targets require Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free here.

Long range
Short range
Bulls Eye
General Animals
Hostile Silhouettes

Tired of printing your own targets? Try some high quality printed targets! Not only are they almost as cheap as (or cheaper than) printing your own, they do not tear as easily. This allows you to better see the pellet holes ofr scoring!

We recomend trying the following targets:

Gamo Paper Targets (100 pack) - our favorite!
Crosman 25 Air Rifle / Air Pistol paper targets
National Target Single Bull Center Air Pistol Target
Crosman Varmint Targets, 20-Pack

For lots of fun try these:

50 - Pk. Birchwood Casey® Shoot - N - C® Self - Adhesive Target Variety Pack - our favorite!
Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Multi-Color Target 8

For more great targets at unbeatable prices, check out the Target Shop!